In July 1979 the Articles of Incorporation were approved by the state of Arizona and the Green Valley Chamber of Commerce officially came into being.  The first Board of Directors were; Louis P. Black, James D. Hathaway, John H. Blake, Alan K. Piper, Loretta E. Koppen, Steven M. Myers, Jerry M. Pulliam, Carl A. Bosse and Betty Plank, the Charter President of the Green Valley Chamber of Commerce.

Excerpt from July 1979 BOD meeting, “In one of the Board’s first meetings, a topic of discussion was what were to be the specific goals and objectives of the fledgling Chamber.  Subjects included the role of the Chamber in handling mail inquiries, establishing a visitor information center, role in handling better business bureau type matters, role in local and State legislation, the general promotion of the town and working toward building the entire business community together to present a united and cooperative effort to build a better town.” 

By the end of the year the Green Valley Chamber of Commerce had established its offices in the Haven Mall (now the Green Valley Village) and had a membership of 67.

By 1983, under the tutelage of Chamber President Louis Black, the Green Valley Chamber of Commerce had achieved many of its goals.  With refurbished offices, it had become a major point of reference, evolving into a real visitor’s center plus an information and convention bureau, according to Mr. Black in a December 1983 Green Valley News article written by Kathy Engle.  The new chamber newsletter called the “Communicator” kept the community informed on new business openings, new members and chamber functions.  Membership in the Chamber now numbered 150.

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