The Green Valley Sahuarita Chamber of Commerce has had a great relationship with the Metropolitan Tucson Convention and Visitor’s Bureau for a number of years.  Chamber President Jim DiGiacomo sits on the MTCVB Board and through this partnership, we hosted their monthly luncheon meeting on Wednesday, July 2nd at the Arizona Inn in Tucson.

Along with Green Valley Sahuarita Chamber Board Chairman Larry Kempton updating the audience of the great things happening within our Chamber and the networking opportunities, the audience had an entertaining presentation on space exploration (successes and failures) by University of Arizona Professor, Dr. Timothy D. Swindle of the Department of Planetary Sciences and Lunar and Planetary Laboratory.  Dr. Swindle in involved in meteorite research and is also involved in the OSIRIS-REx which is the first American asteroid sample-return mission.  These programs bring hundreds of millions of dollars in research grant to the University which benefits our entire region.

For more information on the exciting research at the University of Arizona’s Planetary Science Department, go to:

Pictured are former Chamber Board Chairman Dan Cavanagh, current Chamber Chairman Larry Kempton, Board Director Kathleen Wishnick, Chamber President Jim DiGiacomo and Dr. Timothy Swindle.